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  •     HEH-CT-02 (Go Local Tour in Inle)
        HEH-CT-03 (Inle and Indein sightseeing including lunch)
        HEH-CT-04 (Half Day Inle sightseeing Boat Tour)
        HEH-CT-05 (Sakar Trip from Nyaung Shwe including Lunch)
        HEH-CT-06 (Half Day boat trip to Indein from Nyaung Shwe)
        HEH-CT-07  (Cooking Class and Boat Tour on Inle Lake )
        HEH-DR-01 (Full Day Trip to Kakku from Nyaung Shwe with lunch )
        HEH-DR-02 (Full-day Pindaya Trip from Nyaung Shwe/ Heho Airport)
        HEH-DR-03 (Day Trekking Tour from Nyaung Shwe )
        HEH-MT-01 (2 Days /Trekking Tour from Nyaung Shwe)
        HEH-MT-02  (3 Days / Inle sightseeing, Kakku and trekking tour from Heho Airport)
        HEH-MT-03  (2 Days / Trekking Tour from Pindaya)
        HEH-MT-04 (Overland Myanmar Tour from Tacheleik Boarder)
        HEH-TT-01 (Private transfer from Nyaung Shwe to Mandalay)
        HEH-TT-02 (Private transfer from Nyaung Shwe to Kalaw )
        HEH-TT-03 (Private transfer by car (Taxi) from Nyaung Shwe to Bagan)
        HEH-TT-04 (Private transfer by boat and car from Nyaung Shwe to Loikaw)
        HEH-TT-05 (Private Transfer by car(Taxi) from Heho Airport to Loikaw )
        HEH-TT-06 (Private Transfer from Heho Airport to Pindaya)
        HEH-TT-07 (Private Transfer from Heho Airport to Ywangan)
        KLW-DR-02 (Kalaw Jeep Tour including Lunch (Route-2))
        KLW-DR-03 (Kalaw Rafting and Trekking Day Tour with Lunch)
        KLW-TT-01 (Private Transfer by car from Kalaw to Loikaw)
        LIW-DR-01 (Excursion to KAYAN Villages from Loikaw including Lunch)
        LIW-DR-02 (Excursion to KAYAW Villages from Loikaw including home lunch)
        LIW-DR-03 (Private excursion to Lisu Village and Caves from Loikaw)
        LIW-TT-01 (Private Transfer by Car (Taxi) from Loikaw to Naypyitaw)
        LIW-TT-02 (Private Transfer by Car (Taxi) from Loikaw to Nyaung Shwe)
        MDL-CT-02 (Mandalay and Amarapura City Tour including Lunch)
        MDL-CT-03 (Mandalay Half Day City Tour)
        MDL-CT-04 (Mandalay and Mingun Tour including Boat Ride and Lunch)
        MDL-CT-05 (Mingun Half Day Boat Trip from Mandalay )
        MDL-CT-06 (Half Day Trip to Amarapura from Mandalay)
        MDL-CT-07 (Trip to Sagaing,Mingun and Amrapura from Mandalay)
        MDL-CT-08 (Three Ancient Cities Trip from Mandalay )
        MDL-CT-09 (Innwa Half-day Trip from Mandalay)
        MDL-CT-10 (Watching Face Washing Ritual of Mahamuni Image in Mandalay)
        MDL-CT-12 (Half-day Visit to Sagaing hill and Monasteries from Mandalay)
        MDL-DR-01 (Coffee Tour and Pyin Oo Lwin Sightseeing from Mandalay)
        MDL-DR-02 (Pyin Oo Lwin Day Tour from Mandalay)
        MDL-DR-03 (Excursion to Monywa from Mandalay w/ Lunch)
        MDL-MT-01 (2 Days / Trip to Bagan from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-02 (3 Days/ Trip to Bagan from Mandalay with Public River Cruise Ticket)
        MDL-MT-03 (3 Days / Trip to Monywa,Pakhokku,Bagan from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-04 (4 Days / Trip to Kalaw,KAKKU and Inle from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-05 (4 Days / Trip to Kalaw, PINDAYA and Inle from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-06 (5 Days / Trip to Bagan and Inle from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-07 (9Days / Trip to Bagan-Kalaw-Inle-Kyaikhtiyo-Yangon from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-08 (2 Days/ Monywa and Sagaing Trip from Mandalay )
        MDL-MT-09 (2 Days/ Mandalay City Tour )
        MDL-MT-10 (22 Days / Insight Myanmar Tour)
        MDL-MT-11 (05 Days/ Myanmar Way of life Tour from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-12 (5 Days / Naga Land Adventure from Mandalay)
        MDL-MT-14 (Insight Myanmar Adventure)
        MDL-TT-01 (Private Transfer from Mandalay to Bagan)
        MDL-TT-02 (Private transfer from Mandalay to Kalaw)
        MDL-TT-03 (Private Transfer from Mandalay to Nyaung Shwe)
        MGZ-DR-01 (Myeik Island Hopping Day tour including lunch)
        MGZ-DR-02 (Mangrove Tour in Myeik)
        MGZ-MT-01 (2 Days / Myeik Archipelago Island Hopping Tour)
        MGZ-MT-02 (3 Days / Myeik Archipelago Island Hopping tour)
        MNU-DR-01 (Excursion to Setse Beach and Kyaikkhami from Mawlamyine)
        MNU-DR-02 (Boat Trip to Belu Island and Village Tour from Mawlamyine)
        MNU-MT-01 (3 Days Journey in Mon and Kayin State / Private Boat Transfer)
        MNU-MT-02 (4 Days Journey to the South from Mawlamyine)
        MNU-MT-04 (7 Days Southern Burma Discovery from Mawlamyine)
        MNU-TT-03 (Private transfer from Mawlamyine to Yangon)
        MYU-CT-02  (Mrauk U City Tour on Bike)
        MYU-DR-01 (Boat trip to Chin villages from Mrauk U)
        MYU-MT-01 (4 Days / Trip to Mrauk U from Sittway)
        MYU-TB-01 (Private Transfer by Boat from Sittway to Mrauk U)
        MYU-TT-01 (Private transfer by Car from Sittway to Mrauk U)
        NYT-MT-01 (2 Days /Trip to Bagan from Naypyitaw)
        NYT-TT-01 (Private Transfer by Car (Taxi) from Naypyitaw to Bagan)
        NYU-CT-02 (Bagan Full Day Temple Tour with Sunset Boat Ride)
        NYU-CT-03 (Full Day Bagan Electric Bike Tour including lunch)
        NYU-CT-04 (Afternoon Horse Cart Ride in Bagan )
        NYU-CT-05 (Half Day City Tour in Bagan)
        NYU-CT-06  (Bagan Cooking Class and Sightseeing Tour)
        NYU-CT-07 (Half Day Bagan Ordinary Bike Tour)
        NYU-CT-08 (Half Day Bagan Tuk-tuk Tour)
        NYU-DR-01 (Mt.Popa Excursion from Bagan)
        NYU-DR-02 (Salay and MT.Popa Excursion from Bagan including Lunch)
        NYU-DR-03 (Excursion to Salay and Makyikan Village from Bagan)
        NYU-DR-04  (Excursion to Pakhokku from Bagan)
        NYU-MT-01 (4 Days / Trekking to Southern Chin Tribes from Bagan )
        NYU-TT-01 (Private Transfer by Car(Taxi) from Bagan to Mandalay)
        NYU-TT-02 (Private Transfer from Bagan to Kalaw)
        NYU-TT-03 (Private Transfer by Car (Taxi) from Bagan to Nyaung Shwe)
        PAA-CT-02 (Half Day Visit to Kayin Ethnic Village from Hpa-an)
        PAA-MT-01 (3 Days / Border crossing tour from Hpa-an)
        PAA-MT-02 (12 Days/ Myanmar Overland Trip from Thailand to India)
        PAA-TT-01 (Private Transfer by car from Hpa-an to Yangon)
        RGN-CT-02 (Yangon Sightseeing Tour with Thilawa Port Transfer)
        RGN-CT-03 (Yangon City Tour with Circular Train Ride)
        RGN-CT-04 (Yangon Cooking Lesson with Transfer)
        RGN-CT-05 (Colorful Yangon Night Market Tour)
        RGN-CT-06 (Yangon Morning Market Tour)
        RGN-CT-07 (Heritage Walking Tour in Yangon)
        RGN-CT-08 (Yangon Circular Train Ride Including lunch)
        RGN-CT-09 (Yangon Evening Foodie Trip)
        RGN-CT-10 (Yangon Full Day Discovery Tour)
        RGN-CT-11 (Fullday Cultural Tour in Yangon Including Lunch)
        RGN-CT-12 (Shwedagon Pagoda Walking Tour )
        RGN-CT-13 (A Visit to the Rescued Dog Centre in Yangon (RGN-CT-13))
        RGN-CT-14 (Ticket for Cultural Show at Karaweik Palace in Yangon with International Buffet Dinner )
        RGN-CT-15  (Cooking Class and City Tour in Yangon)
        RGN-CT-16  (Vegetarian Cooking Class in Yangon with Transfer)
        RGN-CT-17 (Dala Half-day Tuk-tuk Tour from Yangon)
        RGN-CT-19 (The Trishaw Ride at Dala)
        RGN-CT-20 (Private Excursion to Bago with Thilawa Port Transfer)
        RGN-CT-21 (Private Excursion to Kyaikhtiyo with Thilawa Port Transfer)
        RGN-CT-22 (Private Thanlyin Day Tour with Thilawa Port Transfer)
        RGN-CT-23 (Shwedagon by Night with Thailawa Port Transfer)
        RGN-CT-24 (Excursion to Henry’s Village house and Kitchen)
        RGN-CT-25 (2 Days / Yangon City Guided Tour with Thilawa Transfer)
        RGN-CT-26 (Hlawga Bird Watching Day Tour from Yangon)
        RGN-CT-27 (Learning Meditation at a Monastery in Yangon)
        RGN-CT-28 (Full-day Private Museum Tour in Yangon w/ Lunch)
        RGN-CT-29 (Full-day Yangon City Tour w/ Private Guide and Car)
        RGN-CT-30 (Yangon Sunset Cruise w/ Hotel Pickups)
        RGN-DR-01 (Day trip to Bago from Yangon including lunch)
        RGN-DR-02 (Day trip to Thanlyin from Yangon)
        RGN-DR-03 (Twante excursion from Yangon including lunch)
        RGN-DR-04 (Day Trip to Kyaikhtiyo from Yangon)
        RGN-DR-06 (Kyaikthale Village day tour from Yangon including Lunch )
        RGN-DR-07 (Bago Railway Adventure )
        RGN-MT-01 (5 Days / Trip to Mandalay and Bagan from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-02 (6 Days /Trip to Mandalay,Bagan and Inle from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-03 (3 Days /Trip to Taungoo and Thantaunggyi from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-04 (2 Days /Trip to Bago and Kyaikhtiyo from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-05 (3 Days / Trip to Hpa-an and Mawlamyine from Yangon )
        RGN-MT-06 (4 Days /Trip to Southern Myanmar from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-07 (9 Days / Kyaikhtiyo-Mandalay-Bagan- Inle from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-08 (2 Days /Trip to Pyay from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-09 (06 Days / Trip to Bagan, Monwya, Mandalay from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-10 (6 Days/Trip to Mandalay-Pyinoolwin and Bagan from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-11 (04 Days/Private Myeik Northern Islands Sightseeing Boat Tour)
        RGN-MT-12 (06 Days /Trip to Inle and Loikaw from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-13 (07Days /Trip to Bagan, Kanpetlet, Mt.Victoria, Mindat from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-14 (04 Days /Trip to Sittwe and Mrauk U from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-15 (2 Days /Trip to Bago and Moeyingyi Wildlife Sanctuary)
        RGN-MT-16 (6 Days/ Trips to Naypyitaw- Bagan- Mandalay from Yangon by Private Car)
        RGN-MT-17 (2 Days / City tour in Yangon and Bagan with Thilawa Transfer)
        RGN-MT-18 (2 Days/ Trip to Ayerwaddy Delta from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-19 (2 Days/ Trip to Naypyitaw from Yangon )
        RGN-MT-20 (4 Days / Trip to Myeik Archipelago from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-21 (10 Days/Southern Advernture from Yangon to Kawthaung)
        RGN-MT-22 (3 Days/ Self-guided tour to Ngwe Saung Beach from Yangon)
        RGN-MT-23 (10 Days / Highlights of Myanmar with Private Guide)
        RGN-MT-24 (12 Days/ Myanmar In-depth Tour)
        RGN-MT-25 (Myanmar on Shoestring)
        RGN-MT-26 (The Ultimate Burma Road Trip)
        RGN-MT-27 (Exotic Myanmar Adventures)
        RGN-TT-01 (Private transfer from Yangon to Naypyidaw)
        RGN-TT-02 (Private Roundtrip Transfer by Car to Ngwe Saung Beach from Yangon)
        RGN-TT-03 (Private Transfer from Yangon Airport to Thilawa Port Terminal)
        SNW-CT-02  (Half-day Trekking in Ngapali (Route 1))
        SNW-CT-03  (Half-day Trekking in Ngapali (Route 2))
        SNW-CT-04 (Sunset Boat Trip to Pearl Island from Ngapali)
        SNW-CT-05  (Full-day Boat Trip to Maung Shwe Lay village)
        SNW-CT-06 (Half-day Vsit to Thandwe Town from Ngapali)
        SNW-TT-01  (Transfer by car from Ngapali to Yangon with a night stop in Gwa)
  • Destinations
  • Ayeyarwaddy
  •     Pathein
        Chaung Thar
        Meinmahla Island
        Ngwe Saung
        Thameehla Island
        Meinmahla Kyun
  • Bago
  •     Pyay
        Shwe Taung
        Thantaung Gyi
        Moyingyi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chin
  •     Hakha
  • Kachin
  •     Myitkyina
  • Kayah
  •     Loikaw
        Kyat Gu (spiritual cave)
  • Kayin
  •     Myawaddy
  • Magway
  •     Pakhokku
  • Mandalay
  •     Amarapura
        Kyauk Gu U Min
  • Mon
  •     Kyaikhtiyoe
        Belu Island
  • Naypyitaw
  •     Pyinmana
  • Rakhine
  •     Sittwe
        Mrauk U
        Maung Shwe Lay village
        Pearl island
        Ngapali Elephant Camp
  • Sagaing
  •     Kalay
        Monasteries at Sagaing Hill
  • Shan
  •     Taunggyi
        Nyaung Shwe
        Mong La
        Kyaing Tong
        Yay Pyar lake
        Taw Kyal Waterfall
        Mein Ma Ye mountain
        Thale Oo
        Mine Thauk
        Hti Ni CBT village
        Pin Sein Pin
        See Kya Inn
  • Tanintharyi
  •     Dawei
        Mergui Archipelago
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