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Myeik District is a part of Taninthayi region, a narrow coastal area at the South of Myanmar. It borders the Andaman Sea to the west and the Taninthayi Mountain Ranges, beyond which lies Thailand, to the east. There are many islands off the coast, the vast Mergui Archipelago in the southern and central coastal areas. Dawei and Kawtaung are another two districts of this region.
Myeik was initially the southernmost city of Bagan Kingdom. Then it fell to the Siamese kingdom of Thailand until King Alaungpaya of Konebang Dynasty recaptured it at 1760.
The city of Myeik, Beik as the local name, is a busy seaport and trading center for seafood, pearls, forest product, and eatable bird’s nest. There are many valuable tin mines, Palm plantation for oil, and rubber plantation and evergreen forest around Myeik. The city is on the island in the mouth of Tanintharyi River.
The inhabitants living in Myeik are Bamars, Mons, Daweis, Kayins, Hindus, and Muslims. The locals speak the same language as Myanmar do but with a different accent.
Myeik has been cut off from the rest of Myanmar for a very long time. Overland travel was prohibited for foreigners and only possible with a special permit.
This area is renowned for its uniquely beautiful pearls. Natural ones harvesting at Myeik islands has been prominent since 1891. Foreign experts introduced the technique of oyster farming for pearl, and now it was widely produced. Nearby water around the mangrove forest and these islands provide excellent fishing grounds for the locals.
Myeik serves as a gateway to the famed Mergui Archipelago, a collection of 800 idyllic and little-explored tropical islands which stretch along with the southern city of Kawthaung.
How to get
Myeik can reach by air from Yangon, Dawei, and Kawthaung. It has road and sea connections. MNA flies from Yangon to Myeik daily. Several coaches run daily from Yangon to Myeik, and the trip will take about 19 hours.
What to see and do
- Theindawgyi Paya on a hill right in the middle of town offers a splendid panoramic view over the city and nearby islands.
- Local fish market
- Walking around the Muslim quarter
- visit some of the heritage houses of Myeik city
- Visit edible-nest swiftlet birds are dwelling.
- Soft shell crab farming
- Pa Htet reclining Buddha with a small museum inside.
-Wooden boat Yard at the outskirt of Myeik
-Sightseeing Boating tour (Day trip and multi-day trip)
The boat tours are operating around the island of Myeik Archipelago in only peak season. Some tours are departing from Myeik to visit Island of Northern Archipelago while other yachting tour departing from Kawthaung.
The Local Foods
Ket Kyi kite is the most popular local style friend noodles that come with beans sprouts, boiled beans, spring onions, and squid and prawn.
Mot kale Mae is also favorite snack made of Black colored sticky rice and coconut, butter and sugar.

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