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Mogoke, is well-known for its rubies so it is called the ruby-land but it produces not only rubies but also other precious gems. Gems mining and sale of the precious stones are interesting in Mogoke.In the time of ancient Myanmar monarchs, offices relating to the gems industry-mining and sale of the gems-were opened in the royal city. The precious stones were sold under supervision of appraisers. During the reign of King Mindon in 1216, the King directly dealt with the foreigners in sale of the gems.

Since then Mogok became a World famous town for its quality rubies. Private gem traders open sale shops in Mogok but there are also venues called Hta Pwe for sale of the gems. The places are called Hta Pwe in reference to keeping gem packets in brass trays known as Hta . Gem dealers in Mogok usually take great care of Pana the light in selling the stones. They separate the light of the Sun soft strong and normal . The gem dealings are carried out only at the time the Sun light is normal.

Selling and buying of the gems is done twice a day-once in the morning and another one in the evening at the Hta market where rubies, sapphire, balas rubies and other multi-coloured stones are sold after paying tax on their reasonable prices. There are various types of dealers at the gem markets in Mogoke. Some of them buy only high price stones of their own selection while some of them buy only the gems they specialized, and some dealers who are experts in all kinds of valuable stones.

In Mogoke gem markets there are very lovely and noble traditions which nobody had enforced them as conditions. They are- nobody sells imitated gems at the Mogoke market: the valuable stones are purchased at the bargaining prices whether the prices are high or low: if a dealer is bargaining the price, another one will not overtake him to bargain, and apart from these lovely customs, gem dealings are also done under set conditions. We invite you to visit Mogoke where you will experience gems dealing at Hta Pwe or gem markets where you can also study the traditional customs of the gems industry.

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